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How to Make It Easy for People to Accept Comprehensive Dentistry

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How to Make It Easy for People to Accept Comprehensive Dentistry

 It takes more than skill and caring.

You can be the most skillful and caring dentist in the world, with the best team and outstanding services, but your success will be severely limited if patients don’t choose comprehensive dentistry. In Dr. Nate Booth’s The “Yes” System, you will learn the six stages patients go through to accept big cases. Now, your entire team can be there for people every step of the way making it easy for them the say “Yes” to the care you recommend.

Make learning easy with 8 one-hour team meetings

The “Yes” System is entirely web-based. After your team completes the training program, individuals can review any portion of the program at any time… and all your new-hires can view the information on their own. For the first 30-minutes of each one-hour team meeting, Dr. Booth will interactively and enjoyably present The “Yes” System information as your team follows along in their Learner Guides. Then Dr. Booth presents Checklists with the Action Steps needed to successfully implement the information into your unique practice situation.

“The results we have achieved with THE “YES” SYSTEM have been INCREDIBLE!!!  Our entire team implemented the material immediately.  It’s had a sudden and profound impact. I’ve been practicing seven years and this month will be my all-time record month – 18% more than my previous best!”

Dr. Larry Winans, Lewisburg, PA

Team Meeting #1 – Introduction

  • Install the 3 dental success factors that must be present in your practice
  • Avoid the 5 Comprehensive Case Acceptance Mistakes that will squash your success
  • Turn your presentations into conversations
  • Select and train Patient Care Coordinators
  • Use Checklists to successfully turn ideas into results

Team Meeting #2 – Interest

  • Be interesting. If you want people be interested in your office, you need to be interesting… and there are 3 ways you can do it: 1) who you are, 2) what you do, 3) how you do it
  • Create a brand that makes you uniquely attractive
  • Harness the power of no cost public relations
  • Be “a cut above” in big and small ways

Team Meeting #3 – Connection

  • Create higher levels of Connection that are required for people to accept comprehensive dentistry
  • Employ each of the 12 powerful ways to create Connection
  • Use the Connection Responder to turn around any objection or complaint
  • The importance of dental assistants in The “Yes” System
  • Maintain momentum with effective hand-offs

“I recently purchased your “Yes” System office study program.  It has dramatically changed our practice in just two months!  We followed your advice, set up team meetings and viewed one video at each meeting. March was our biggest production month in the twelve-year history of the practice.”

Dr. Jeff Hambrice, Wylie, TX

Team Meeting #4 – Understanding

  • Understand before you seek to be understood
  • Discover the patient’s past, present and future story
  • Discuss money and finances early so they will think “That’s about what I thought it would be” when you present fees
  • Make it easy for patients to make several, small “Yes” steps so they don’t have to make a big one on their case acceptance journeys

Team Meeting #5 – Education

  • Add a layer of emotion to all your logical conversations
  • 5 ways elegantly create urgency so patients want to take action now
  • Cure the Single Tooth Syndrome
  • Show & ask
  • Don’t chase new patients out your back door
  • Assign patients to one of 3 paths to streamline your case acceptance process

Team Meeting #6 – Solutions

  • Use 6 Solution Conversation steps:
    1. Set the Stage
    2. Rekindle Desires
    3. Tell a Solutions Story
    4. Agree on a Treatment Plan
    5. Agree on an Investment Option
    6. OK the Agreement
  • Break the patient’s decision-making process into 3 parts so you don’t Fry Their Brains
  • Use a personalized Dental Care Agreement to clarify your treatment plans

“If you don’t fully understand and practice the skills Nate teaches, you’re not even close to being as successful as you deserve to be.  Thanks for the GREAT info Nate!”

Dr. Rod Kurthy, Dentist, Researcher, Author, Lecturer

Team Meeting #7 – Stories

  • Tell a compelling Problems, Consequences, Solutions & Benefits Story as the backbone of your Solutions Conversation
  • Fill your Story with shorter stories illustrating specific points
  • In your Story, give patients something to Think About, something to Feel and something to Do.

Team Meeting #8 – Decision

  • Respond appropriately when patients say “Yes” “No” or “Maybe”
  • Use the 4 Steps to Overcome Any Objection
  • Effectively handle the 5 most common objections
  • Stop confusing patients by giving them more information than they can process
  • Use recare visits to activate your Hygiene Annuity
  • Make role playing enjoyable

 THE “YES” SYSTEM contains everything you need to turn eight, 1-hour team meetings into a powerful learning experience. Here’s what your web-based training system includes:

  • 8 videos of Dr. Booth presenting the “Yes” System information. View one video at each team meeting.
  • a 40-page Learner Guide that you print for each team member
  • all reproducible office forms
  • a $1000 discount on a two-day, in-office consultation with Dr. Booth
  • 555 Ways to Reward Your Dental Team – author-signed book
  • Thriving on Change – 60-minute DVD
  • Give Them What They Want in the Way They Want It – 60-minute DVD
  • a 60-minute phone coaching session with Dr. Booth (a $395 value)

Over 1200 “Yes” Systems have been ordered for $995.  Dr. Booth recently revised the entire program adding valuable new information.

Your investment in this new version is only $795.



The “Yes” System will increase your collections $25,000 in the  first year, or we return your entire investment.