Nate’s Most Requested Topics


How to Make It Easy for People to Accept Comprehensive Dentistry

You can be the most knowledgeable and caring professional in the world, with the best team and outstanding services, but your impact will be severely limited if you can’t influence people to take action on your recommendations. In The “Yes” System, you will learn the six stages patients go through to make important decisions. Now, your entire team can be there for people every step of the way making it easy for them to say “Yes” to comprehensive care.

In Dr. Booth’s unique Laugh and Learn style, you will learn how to:

  • avoid the 5 mistakes that squash case acceptance
  • be interesting so people are naturally interested in you
  • create an environment of liking, trust and rapport
  • stop doing case presentations and start having case conversations
  • discover your patients’ unique stories and then blend their stories into your case acceptance story
  • conduct examinations that creates urgency to take action now
  • break their decision-making process into two steps so you don’t “fry their brains”
  • discuss finances in a way that sets the stage for patients to say, “That’s about what I thought it would be”

The “Yes” System will give you and your team the skills needed to enjoyably and elegantly influence your patients to enthusiastically say, “Yes!” to your treatment plans. Now, they can receive the care they deserve, and you can create a practice that is emotionally and financially rewarding.


5 Things You Would Do Differently

This presentation is an interpretation of Disney’s business practices by Nate Booth. The presentation and the presenter are not affiliated with or endorsed by The Walt Disney Company.

363,000 people visit Disney theme parks each day. Since 1991, Disney’s stock price is up almost 1000%.
For over 75 years, Walt Disney’s vision and imagination have brought happiness to children of all ages around world. This spectacular success is not an accident. The Walt Disney Company consistently does 5 things that all businesses can emulate.

When it comes right down to it, all business is show business – even your dental practice. I realize this concept sounds strange to most dentists. We’re logical people. We do exams, restorations and root canals. Show business, on the other hand, is emotional. It excites and entertains. You need to have logic and emotion in your dental practice because “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

If Disney ran your dental practice, you would do 5 things differently. You would:

  1. Create a Clear and Compelling Practice Vision
  2. Realize that Entertainment Is Everywhere
  3. Create a Powerful Brand
  4. Tell Emotional Stories Well
  5. Harness the Power of Loyalty

In Nate’s entertaining and practical program, your entire team will learn how Disney achieves their spectacular success. Your practice will never be the same.

“We had 1000 people register for Dr. Booth’s Disney breakout sessions, and they were glad they did. The audiences loved his practical content, high energy and humor.”
Shelly Fava, Denver Dental Society


4 Steps You Must Take to Transform Ideas into Results

You have dozens of ideas that you know will enhance the quality of your dental practice. You’re excited about using the ideas. But when you try to implement them, nothing really changes. Discouraging isn’t it?

The ideas were great. Your implementation process wasn’t. And as a result, your patients’ health and your bottom line suffer. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you attend Dr. Nate Booth’s The Power of Effective Implementation presentation, you will discover the 4 steps needed to transform ideas into results. They are:

  1. Discover Your Purpose
  2. Set the Goals that best help you live your Purpose
  3. Identify the Projects that move you one step closer to achieving your Goals
  4. Using a checklist, prioritize the Action Steps needed to successfully complete your Projects

After taking the above 4 steps, you only have to focus on one Action Step at a time. This is a vitally important concept. If you focus on everything needed to achieve a Goal, you will be overwhelmed. But if you “chunk it down” and focus on one Action Step you can take today, you will complete your Project… which moves you one step closer to your Goal… which will enable you to live your Purpose.

In addition, you will learn how to:

  • take the 4 vital steps needed to overcome team or individual resistance
  • enable your team to “Let Go of the Old” so they can “Embrace the New”
  • create Project Checklists that will become your success blueprints

Implementation is the missing piece in most dental offices success puzzle. Luckily, it can be learned… which is exactly what will happen when you invite Dr. Nate Booth to give a Laugh and Learn implementation presentation to your dental audience.


How to Tell Stories that Attract & Sell

Stories are powerful because they emotionally engage people and irresistibly pull them forward to specific and satisfying conclusions. Story listeners are constantly asking, “What’s going to happen next?” When you construct your dental marketing and case acceptance stories correctly, patients will be irresistibly drawn to your practice and treatment plans. And as a surprising bonus, everyone enjoys the journey.”

In Dr. Booth’s Laugh and Learn Dental Story Power presentation, you will learn how to:

  • discover where to find your practice’s unique marketing story
  • effectively tell the story of: 1) Who you are, 2) What you do, and 3) How you do it
  • identify and influence established communication channels to tell your marketing story for free
  • tell your story on two levels: 1) the outer, logical level, and 2) the inner, emotional level
  • employ all five senses to your stories to create a movie-theater-like experience
  • link your patients’ stories into your over-all case acceptance story
  • insert short, real-world patient stories into your case acceptance story

Carefully written and well-told business stories are magical. Harness this power by inviting Dr. Nate Booth to present Dental Story Power to your audience.

“Our Academy has spoken loud and clear on how blessed we all were by your presentation. Your overall approval rating of 4.78 is one of our highest ever.”
Dr. Dale Kennedy, AADPA