Dr. Nate Booth

is “The Laugh & Learn Dental Speaker”

Nate believes that creating an outstanding dental practice is too important to be treated seriously. In giving over 1600 presentations to audiences around the world, he has learned that the more people laugh, the more they learn.

In addition to his dental and counseling degrees, Nate had the unique opportunity to work with Anthony Robbins for 10 years.  As Head Corporate Trainer, he worked closely with Tony in the development and delivery of corporate and association training programs. Nate’s web-based The “Yes” System: How to Make It Easy for People to Accept Comprehensive Dentistry has helped over 1000 offices dramatically increase their case acceptance and production statistics.

“Your topic and delivery were perfect. We were so impressed,
we would like to have you back again next year for our annual meeting in San Francisco.”

Dr. Stephen Ralls, American College of Dentists


People in the dental profession know and think highly of Dr. Booth. Through the years, he has written numerous articles and a top-rated column for Dental Economics. Nate is the author of 7 dental books including 555 Ways to Reward Your Dental Team and How to Create an Exceptional Aesthetic Practice.

“Dr. Nate Booth gave two breakout sessions of If Disney Ran Your Practice at our annual convention.  We had 1000 people register for his programs, and they were glad they did.  The audiences loved his practical content, high energy and humor.”
Shelly Fava, Denver Dental Society


In today’s challenging dental environment, dentists and their teams want practical strategies that will help them create more emotional fulfillment and financial success. From his experience of working with hundreds of practices and thousands of professionals, Nate will create program content that directly applies to today’s changing dental environment. That content, coupled with Nate’s Laugh & Learn style, will stimulate your audience to think and act in ways that create positive results for everyone.

“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. You must do is decide it’s not enough anymore to live in “catch-up” mode, reacting to the stresses and strains of our rapidly shifting world. Instead, get excited about the tremendous wealth of opportunity available to those who are bold and resourceful enough to turn it to their advantage. Take your first steps now by following the expert guidance of my good friend, Dr. Nate Booth.”
Tony Robbins, best-selling author, business and life coach


Being a meeting planner is a tough job. You’ve got a thousand details to juggle, a hundred cats to herd and one boss to please. Nate can’t help you with the juggling or herding, but he will come through for you and deliver a dynamic presentation that your group will rave about and your boss will smile about.

“I was flooded with positive comments from our members.  We would definitely recommend him to any organization looking for a great speaker.”
Sharon Scronic, Arizona Dental Association

“Our Academy has spoken loud and clear on how blessed we all were by your presentation.  Your overall approval rating of 4.78 is one of our highest ever.”
Dr. Dale Kennedy, AADPA