Client Testimonials

“Dear Nate,
You truly deserve my heartfelt “Thanks” for your presentation at our May 6th Retail Conference. you have absolutely earned a place in our company!

As I sat in the audience, you couldn’t help but feel the energy – not only from you – but from the participants as well. I know it takes a terrific amount of dedication and commitment to create the “perfect” show – and Nate, THIS show it was PERFECT! I cannot begin to tell you how much you have positively impacted so many employees through this one event! In fact, Steve Cortopassi has been inundated with notes, and phone messages thanking him for your powerful presentation and message. It was not only timely — but absolutely needed considering our recent merger announcement.

Nate, thank you very much. It truly was a pleasure working with you.”

Mary Kowatsky – Vice President, Southwest Event Management; Bank of America Corporate program

“To any organization considering hiring Nate Booth as a speaker:

My company engaged Dr. Booth to speak to our sales and marketing teams at a recent national sales meeting.  Dr. Booth kicked off our multi-day meeting with a session on Thriving on Change.  It is not an easy task to keep a group’s attention, and deliver an impactful, engaging message over a three hour period, but Dr. Booth was extremely entertaining and his message had a positive impact on the team.

After the meeting, the comments I kept hearing were about how much each person enjoyed Dr. Booth, and the power of his message.  I personally appreciate the time and effort that Dr. Booth put into preparing for the meeting, and focusing on his message to our specific needs.

I highly recommend Dr. Nate Booth as a speaker for any group event.”

Craig Maronde – National Sales Director, Dole Packaged Foods, LLC; Dole National Sales Meeting, 2007

“Congratulations on being rated the number one speaker at the recent ATD convention!  I heard nothing but wonderful comments about the 1995 ATD Convention and, in particular, the workshop program.  A great deal of the enthusiasm is due to your outstanding performance in Baltimore.”

Kathi A. Brown – Workshop Coordinator, ATD; 1995 ATD Convention

“Dear Nate,
Congratulations, you were rated the #1 speaker (out of 50 speaker’s) at Inc.’s Fifth Annual Conference on Customer Service.  Tremendous Job!  Your full day session was a terrific success and on behalf of Inc. magazine we thank you for a job well done.  Out of 95 evaluations, 84 rated your program “excellent”.  These are terrific scores and we certainly look forward to working with you again on our upcoming programs.

Once again, thank you very much for your contribution.  We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Kevin Gilligan – Conference Producer, Inc. Business Resources; Inc.’s Fifth Annual Conference on Customer Service

“Our Academy has spoken loud and clear on how blessed we all were by your presentation. You can take stock in the fact that with the cross-section of dental leaders, consultants and lecturers in AADPA, these numbers come from highly qualified individuals. Your scores reflect very highly of your time and effort. The overall approval rating of 4.78 is one of our highest ever.”

Dr. Dale Kennedy – Program Chair AADPA; 2003 AADPA Annual Program

“We are pleased to note our satisfaction with the quality and level of service provided by Nate Booth at our Creative Corridor Speaker Series on June 3rd.  Nate demonstrated his passion for his job and delivered a highly professional and energetic presentation.

I personally give Nate my highest recommendation.  Nate possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent speaker.  He is diligent, responsive, professional and personable.  Nate clearly takes pride in doing a good job.  Nate’s topics are on point and very applicable to today’s work environment.  He is excellent at using great examples to bring the key points of his presentation to life thus making the take-away points for the audience relevant and memorable.

It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than Nate.  Any organization should be extremely satisfied in choosing to work with him.”

Evone Vognsen – Director, Program Development Continuing Education, Kirkwood Community College; Kirkwood Community College Creative Corridor Speaker Series

“IBWA attendees are experienced executives and business owners ranging in age from 40 to 65. In other words, they have been around and heard all types of messages on what it takes to run a successful business. As the meeting planner, the selection of the keynote is always one of the more nerve-wracking parts of my job.

Well, the selection of Nate Booth paid off. In the past we have lost a sizable number of attendees from the audience after the President’s State of the Industry Report and general business meeting. Not this time. In addition, the attendees were engaged. At one point an IBWA staff person whispered to me “look, no one is on their Blackberry.” yes, very hard to believe. Not only that, but many of these experienced executives were taking notes.

I talked with several people afterwords and they were amazed that they garnered some new ideas that they can apply to their business practices. They too noticed how engaged the audience was.”

Michele Campbell – Director of Conventions, Trade Shows and Meetings, International Bottled Water Association; IBWA Annual Business Conference, Thursday, September 29, 2011

“Dear Nate, 

Evaluations are in.  You were the hit of the conference.  That’s truly outstanding when you consider that this group of CEO’s and upper level managers see a lot of professional presenters each year.  Your presentation topic was also rated number one, but it was your energy in delivering that really made the session come alive.

So often industry meetings are so focused on the current problems among the members.  We like to help our members “think outside the box” and your presentation on “awakening the giant within your employees” was right on target.  Your approach to enhancing employee productivity, through understanding the individual employees values, carried over beautifully into your afternoon workshop.  You not only “turned on the entire audience” in the morning, but you educated and trained the workshop audience in the afternoon.  As we both know, too often we energize “incompetence” by exciting an audience, but we fail as meeting planners and professional presenters to educate them to make real change in their life.

Thank you for your extra effort to bring the challenges of the gas industry into your presentation.  Our people recognized that you had made a significant investment in learning about our industry.

We look forward to future opportunities to work together.”

Richard E. Hinkie – President, Midwest Gas Association, Inc.; Midwest Gas Association, Inc. Conference

“Dear Nate,

“What’s most important to me in life?” – Freedom.

“What has to happen for me to feel my freedom?” – I have to let Nate Booth know what a fantastic job he did in relating to all who attended the NML Leadership Team Luncheon.  “So” – THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for speaking to me personally.

Thank you from the 300+ NML leadership team members who were challenged by you at our annual meeting.  I have heard nothing but praise and excitement about your presentation content, delivery style and just YOU!

Thank you for asking each of us some very real questions.

Thank you for allowing everyone to answer them in such a non-threatening, supportive environment.  Our request was for techniques that would work in the agency workplace and you taught us skills that are applicable in all of life’s situations.

Thank you for making our division look so good.

Thank you, also, for the way you personally worked with Dan McGinley and me in getting ready for this event.  You let us know we were important through your professional, friendly interviewing process and extra efforts to make arrangements for contacting us.

May you continue to be free to experience all that life has to offer you.”

Barb James, CLU, ChFC – Field Development Consultant, Northwestern Mutual Life; Northwestern Mutual Life Annual Meeting