The Art of Using Change to Your Advantage

Rapid and never-ending change is a fact in today’s world. What isn’t a fact yet is how all this change is going to affect your organization and you. Some groups live at the mercy of change and avoid it at all costs. Others try to cope with change and just “hang in there.” Change Masters are a different breed. They thrive on change! They know that rapid change levels the playing field and creates tremendous opportunities for organizations that are smart, flexible and quick.

Here are a few of the dynamic and impactful strategies you will learn:

  • The Six Psychological Approaches to Change groups or individuals can choose. Three of them are constructive. There of them are destructive.
  • How to be rigid with your principles and core values AND rigid with your beliefs and strategies
  • The Six Thriving on Change Beliefs. These beliefs are the foundation of all successful change utilization.
  • The most effective success strategies you can use to harness the power of change.
  • The three stages of change every group and individual must travel through.
  • The Four Change Utilization Questions you need to ask to transform every change into an opportunity.

Thriving on Changeis an enjoyable, interactive and results-oriented program that will inspire your people to tap their maximum potential in rapidly changing times. You can schedule the program in keynote, half-day or full-day formats.


In Challenging Times

Constant challenges are a fact of life in today’s business world. When external circumstances are changing rapidly, effective leaders are more important than ever. Some groups are weakened by challenges. Others welcome the challenges and use them as a time to learn, grow and contribute more. In Legendary Leadership, your group will learn the essential beliefs and skills outstanding leaders use to create environments where challenges bring out the very best in their people.

In Legendary Leadership, your group will learn the 10 most important strategies your leaders need to lead their people through the three stages of change:

  • Letting Go of the Old
  • Transitioning between the Old and the New
  • Embracing the New

Effective leadership has always been important. In today’s world of rapid and relentless change, Legendary Leadership is vital. There is no better person to help your leaders learn the skills they need than The Change Guy, Nate Booth. You can schedule his program in keynote, half-day or full-day formats.

“The selection of Nate Booth paid off. People usually leave after the general business meeting. Not this time. At one point, a staff person whispered to me, “Look, no one is on their computer.” Not only that, but these experienced executives were taking notes. I spoke with several people afterwards, and they were amazed that they garnered some new ideas that they can apply to their business practices.”
Michele Campbell, Director


5 Things You Would Change

This presentation is an interpretation of Disney’s business practices by Nate Booth. The presentation and the presenter are not affiliated with or endorsed by The Walt Disney Company.

363,000 people visit Disney theme parks each day. Since 1991, Disney’s stock price is up almost 1000%.
More than any company, Disney knows that all business is show business. They’ve discovered the secrets that stimulate people to enjoy walking in the door and buying; and team members loving their time at work. In Nate Booth’s If Disney Ran Your Business presentation, you will discover the 5 things you would change to create a company that engages, excites and executes.

    If Disney ran your business, you would change 5 things. You would:

  1. Create a Compelling Vision of What You Want to Be and Give
  2. Realize that Entertainment Is Everywhere
  3. Build and Nurture a Powerful Brand
  4. Establish Experience Themes, Standards and Delivery Systems
  5. Focus on Loyalty, Not Satisfaction

For over 75 years, Walt Disney’s mission of “using imagination to bring happiness to millions” has dramatically transformed the way entertainment is delivered around the world. Disney’s success is not an accident. Success leaves clues… and your audience will learn these clues in Nate’s engaging and practical presentation. You can schedule the program in keynote, half-day or full-day formats.


How to Tell Stories that Attract & Sell

A well-told business story emotionally engages the people you want to sell and serve. Then the story steadily and respectfully pulls them toward your company by leading them to ask, “What’s going to happen next?” Your story provides the answer and pulls them forward as they repeatedly ask the same question. At the story’s end, people are in a place where they naturally want to do business with you. As an added benefit, creating stories that organically pull people to your desired result is more effective and enjoyable than trying to push them to it.

In Nate Booth’s Business Story Power presentation, you will learn how to:

  • discover where and how to find your company’s unique marketing story
  • effectively tell the story of: 1) Who you are, 2) What you do, and 3) How you do it
  • link your buyer’s personal story to your business story
  • identify and influence established communication channels to tell your story for free
  • blend your story into your internal and external marketing
  • tell your story on two levels: 1) the outer, logical level, and 2) the inner, emotional level
  • employ all five senses in your business story to create a movie-theater-like experience

Carefully written and well-told business stories are magical. They change people in ways that benefit them and you. Enable your people to harness this power by inviting Nate Booth to present Business Story Power to your audience. You can schedule the program in keynote, half-day or full-day formats.

“The evaluations are in. You were the hit of the conference! That’s truly outstanding when you consider that the group of CEO’s and upper level managers see a lot of professional presenters each year.”
Ric Hinkie, President, Midwest Gas Association