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  • 1.5 hours or less


  • 1.5 to 3 hours


  • One 7-hour or less program OR One Keynote and up to Two Breakout Sessions
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Travel Fees

Las Vegas, NV


California, Nevada & Arizona


West of the Mississippi River


East of the Mississippi River, Canada & Mexico




Top 10 Reasons to Book Nate Booth

1: You want a seasoned, professional speaker.

Over the past twenty years, Dr. Booth has delivered over 1600 presentations to corporate and association audiences around the world. Nate has real-world experience working in large corporations and running small ones. His business experience, combined with his master’s degree in counseling, allow him to create practical programs that are based on sound psychological principles.

2: You want an energetic, entertaining speaker.

Nate will make an intellectual and emotional connection with your audience. He is an energetic speaker who combines strong content with an entertaining delivery style. With an opening keynote speech, Nate will start your conference or meeting with a bang and set the tone for the time that follows. A closing keynote presentation by Nate will send your group home feeling energized and committed.

3: You want someone who is easy to work with.

Nate takes great pride in being friendly, accessible and down-to-earth.  Direct lines of communication are always open with Nate. You will even have his personal cell phone number.

4: You want a person who will connect with your audience.

Nate has the unique ability to connect with a wide variety of people. Whether your audience is senior executives, middle managers or sales and service people, Nate will quickly gain rapport with them and speak at their level.

5: You want a custom presentation.

Nate does full-day programs for each of his topics so he has plenty of material for shorter programs. Because Nate only does about forty presentations each year, he has the time to do the research on your company and industry. Nate will review all material you provide to him and will be available for conference and individual calls with key people. After his research is completed, Nate will create a custom presentation that will lead your audience to say, “This guy really understands us.”

6: You want practical, real-world content.

Nate’s material is based on sound psychological principles. Yet it is easy to understand and implement. The content can be used the next day to create real-world results.

7: You want up-to-date information.

Nate constantly updates his information by studying the most successful businesses of our time.  He also learns something from each presentation he does and purposely speaks to a wide variety of industry audiences.  This allows Nate to constantly up-date his content and PowerPoint presentations.

8: You want 9’s and 10’s on your evaluations.

Nate receives 9’s and 10’s on 98% of his evaluations. In addition, you will be flooded with positive comments after his presentations. Bank of America meeting planner, Mary Kowalsky, and her boss certainly were. She says, “My boss has been inundated with notes and phone messages thanking him for your powerful presentation and message!”

9: You want a fair travel policy.

If you choose, you can select to have a flat-rate travel fee so there will be no surprises after the event; or you can choose to pay the actual expenses. Nate typically upgrades to business or first class, but will only bill you for the full coach fare.

10: You want reliability.

While doing over 1600 presentations, Nate has only missed two. Whenever possible, he takes special care to arrive at the event site with plenty of time to spare. Nate will call you immediately when he arrives at the hotel.

Contact Nate

Nate has done over 1600 presentation, seminars and workshops to audiences around the world.  He would love to speak at a program for your group too. Contact him personally at 702-444-1362 or or complete the form below.

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Pre-Program Questionnaire

This comprehensive questionnaire will enable Nate to tailor his presentation to the specific needs of your group.
Two Ways to Complete this Questionnaire:
  1. Complete this Pre-Program Questionnaire and email it as an attachment to
  2. Print this questionnaire, complete it by hand and fax to Nate’s attention at 702-444-0762.
Download Questionnaire in Microsoft Word format
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Room Setup & Audio-Visual Requirements

The right room and AV set-up will maximize the effectiveness of Nate’s presentation. We are flexible if the room is set up differently for other presentations. Please discuss any changes to the recommendations below.
Staging and Room Setup
  • Stage area and height appropriate for room size.
    • The ideal stage/riser height for audiences up to 200 people is 6”-12”.
    • For audiences of 200+ the stage/riser height should be 12”-24”.
    • If stage is higher than 12”, please place steps in front of stage as Dr. Booth likes going into the audience.
  • Stage and front of room flooded with light.
    • House lights on 100% when possible.
  • The first row of chairs or tables should be six to eight feet from the front of the stage.
  • Small, draped, round table in back center of stage with water and glass.
  • Whenever possible, have tables and chairs facing the center of the stage.
    • This means you will want to “chevron” the tables and chairs on both sides of the room.
  • For presentations of 90-minutes or less, Dr. Booth prefers theater style (no tables) seating.
  • For presentations of 90-minutes or more, he prefers classroom style (tables) seating.
  • Dr. Booth will place his computer on a table on stage.
  • Projector and screen(s)
    • VGA cable at the stage to connect Nate’s computer to the projection system.
    • Please place screen(s) off to the side and facing into the middle of the room.
    • Please have lights above the screen turned off to provide better viewing.
  • Audio
    • Wireless Lapel (tie clip) microphone.
    • Audio Cable (1/8″ inch, standard for laptops) at the stage to connect Nate’s computer to the sound system.