Dr. Nate Booth

“The Change Guy”


Dr. Nate Booth is The Change Guy. He literally wrote the book on change… two of them in fact: Thriving on Change: The Art of Using Change to Your Advantage and Strategies for Fast-Changing Times. And Nate had the unique opportunity to work with Anthony Robbins for 10 years. As Head Corporate Trainer, he worked closely with Tony in the development and delivery of corporate and association training programs. Since then, Nate has presented over 1600, #1 rated, change-igniting keynotes, seminars and workshops to audiences around the world.

“Congratulations, you were rated the # 1 speaker (out of 50 speakers) at Inc. Magazine’s Fifth Annual Conference on Customer Service. Tremendous job!”
Kevin Gilligan, Conference Producer, Inc. Magazine


All of Nate’s programs are customized to fit your unique audience, their current level of training and the specific outcomes you want to achieve. After a comprehensive discovery process that includes:
• a pre-program questionnaire
• a conference call with the key players
• a review of all the pertinent information on your corporation or association
• individual calls to your most successful people
Dr. Booth will customize a dynamic, inspirational, and enjoyable program that will exceed your expectations… even if your audience has high expectations.

“The evaluations are in. You were the hit of the conference! That’s truly outstanding when you consider that the group of CEO’s and upper level managers see a lot of professional presenters each year.”
Ric Hinkie, President, Midwest Gas Association


Being a meeting planner is a tough job. You’ve got a thousand details to juggle, a hundred cats to herd and one boss to please. Nate can’t help you with the juggling or the herding, but he will come through for you and deliver a dynamic presentation that your group will rave about and your boss will smile about.

“I cannot begin to tell you how much you have positively impacted so many employees through this one event! My boss has been inundated with notes and phone messages thanking him for your powerful presentation and message. “
Mary Kowalsky, Vice President, Bank of America


In today’s business environment, audiences want practical strategies that will help them thrive in times of rapid change. From his experience of working with hundreds of companies and thousands of people, Nate will create program content that directly applies to the changes your organization and people are experiencing. That content, coupled with Nate’s engaging and entertaining style, will stimulate your audience to think and act in ways that create positive results for everyone.

“The selection of Nate Booth paid off. People usually leave after the general business meeting. Not this time. At one point, a staff person whispered to me, “Look, no one is on their computer.” Not only that, but most of these experienced executives were taking notes. I spoke with several people afterwards, and they were amazed that they garnered some new ideas that they can apply to their business practices.”
Michele Campbell, Director of Conventions and Meetings, International Bottled Water Association